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Enabling the Supply Chain with perfectly aligned Manufacturing Operations

Taranix’ focus is to align these traditionally separated functions

At Taranix, along with our strategic partners, we design and implement a range of services and software that drive operational excellence, both within the manufacturing operations and through to the extended supply chain. As originators of the Perfect Plant concept, the value of connecting the ‘Shop-floor’ to the ‘Top-floor’ is significant. Unlocking this value brings considerable financial rewards in addition to substantial benefits in other key operational areas such as asset management, supply chain performance and new product introductions.

We are a value driven organization and use value tools and methodology as a basis for determining benefits from software solutions and process changes.

We also use these tools to identify the value proposition amongst a variety of areas such as new software tools and organizational impacts.

Metrics we target include: Perfect Order, OEE, DIFOT, Perfect Product Launch and ROA.

Areas of focus: Manufacturing, Perfect Plant, Top-Floor to Shop floor, Extended Supply Chain, Environment, Health & Safety and New Product Introduction.

Relevant industries: Consumer Products, Food Processing, Chemicals, Building Products, Utilities, Industrial Machinery, High-Tech and Automotive.